#TodayIAmAWriter – The Worldly Reader

Categories can be a difficult thing for those that don’t particularly like to be categorized. Looking at the situation closer, however, suggests that perhaps the concept of categories is not the problem at all. Maybe some of us just don’t like the narrow concepts that previous generations have used to define things. Maybe we just need new categories.

Dawn and I were surprised to see a certain online book retailer categorize my Walking Between Worlds trilogy as YA, or ‘young adult’. We had a couple of discussions about it, and I pointed out what each of us already knew. We had both been reading Stephen King at thirteen or fourteen years old. I stopped reading Xanth books when I discovered that Piers Anthony also wrote books for adults, and that I enjoyed them a lot more. I was in sixth grade at the time. My mom had some pretty steamy romance novels kicking around, and I read plenty of those when I ran out of science fiction and fantasy and horror. I didn’t love them like the books I swiped from my dad, but they were more to my liking than the books being written for my age group. Continue reading “#TodayIAmAWriter – The Worldly Reader”

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